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Dear friends and clients of VSI,


VanLandschoot and Sons (VSI) a 108 year old five generations is pleased to offer our support for the proposed project Great Lakes Future Fishers initiative: Developing a state and tribal Great Lakes’ commercial fishing and seafood processing apprenticeship program that is being submitted by Wisconsin Sea Grant, Michigan Sea Grant, and Michigan State University Extension to the NOAA Sea Grant “Food from the Sea” Careers Program: Young Fishermen’s Development Act & Aquaculture Planning Frameworks.


The Great Lakes commercial fishing industry is dwindling. What once was a vibrant culture of thousands of fishers nearly 100 years ago, is now only a handful of businesses who carry on this hard work. Additionally, both state (VSI is one of 13 state licenses remaining in Michigan) and tribal licenses currently offer a limited number of licenses to manage the sustainability of fish in the Great Lakes. Not only do commercial fishers need to know the hands-on, marketing, regulations, and sometimes processing skills for this career, but new businesses also need to be guided on the opportunities to create their own career after any trainings provided in this region. This project will collect current approaches by state and tribal fishers and processors, educators, and agencies to inform the creation of a new apprentice program framework for our commercial fishers.


We are pleased to support this project to enhance job opportunities our next generation of commercial fishers in the Great Lakes region. Please feel free to contact me to discuss this or any other fishing matter.





Dennis Van Landschoot


President, CEO, COB


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