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DNR Reverses Restrictions

Dear friends and clients of VSI,


If you ever wondered whether your voice or the voice of a few could make an important impact, the answer is a resounding yes!


We are thrilled to share news with you that the Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources late last week announced a plan to extend Michigan’s 2020 commercial fishing licenses and the regulations by which we are able to fish for whitefish as we enter the 2021 season. 


The decision comes as a great relief to everyone at VanLandschoot and Sons, as our family and wonderful employees carry forward our longstanding business, our production of delicious and nutritious whitefish, and our commitment to helping the economic health of our small town of Munising, as well as that of the U.P.


WLUC TV 6 in Marquette reported on the decision. And, so did WJRT TV 12 in Saginaw. 


The entire VanLandschoot family and our team at VSI are so grateful to you for your support and friendship over the last several months.  We know just how blessed we are.


The many letters and emails you took the time to author and send made the difference. Hundreds of them from those of you across the U.P, in the far corners of Michigan, and from around the world.  Letters from friends, family members, business partners, restaurants our family serves, customers, and employees.  Each one important, personal, impactful, and most of all, so greatly appreciated.


The DNR listened, reconsidered its position and we hope recognized there is a better way forward. And, that’s really what we at VSI wanted to achieve.


We wanted the opportunity to work together with the DNR, our legislative leaders, industry colleagues and others to find the right solutions that enable Michigan’s renowned fishing industry (commercial, tribal, sport) to continue. We also recognize the responsibility we shoulder to be good stewards of the Great Lakes and the abundance they support. VSI has always viewed our business and our stewardship as going hand in hand – what’s good for nature is good for our business.  So, we also commit to working with the State on measures and means by which we fish that also protect natural resource, habitat and ecosystem health.


With the DNR’s positive announcement for the 2021 fishing season, VSI now is preparing to embark on our 108th consecutive season fishing the abundant waters of magnificent Lake Superior. This is great news as we do our part to provide jobs and help spur an economic rebound from the pandemic.  Every job matters.  


We also go to work with the DNR, our fine U.P. state legislators, our Michigan Fish Producers Association and others with a stake in the Great Lakes fishery, to update our state’s laws and regulations.  We’ll continue the good work that laid the foundation last year and seek common ground.  Look for updates as the year unfolds and know we appreciate your questions and offers of support.


Again, with thanks from the entire VSI team,

Dennis VanLandschoot

President & Chairman of the Board

VanLandschoot & Sons Fish Market

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