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Dear friends and clients of VSI,                                                       FEB. 2020


We have shared with you in the past some of the struggles we face in the commercial fishing industry in Michigan, as a result of ancient laws governing the Lakes on which we fish.  As many of you know, we are one of only thirteen (1 of 13) commercial fishermen left in the Great Lakes.


We are resolute in our continued fight for all of the commercial fisheries in Michigan and are working closely with representatives to take our messages and stance forward. We know all of these commercial fishing businesses, like our own, provide local jobs and amazing food to our neighborhood patrons, nearby stores and restaurants as well as visiting tourists.  


We wanted to share a link to an article to help keep you current with some of our struggles:


While waters may be stormy, we have battled them for 107 years and don't see anything changing in that regard in the near future. You have our commitment. Thank you as always for your support.


If you would like to discuss in detail, feel free to contact me directly at 906-228-1051.


Warm regards,

Dennis VanLandschoot

President of VSI

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