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                                                 JUN. 8, 2020


Commercial fishing is critical infrastructure: Will it survive COVID-19?

Dear friends and clients of VSI,


As one of the 13 state licensed commercial fishermen left in Michigan, VSI has been negotiating (for years) with legislators in regard to the outdated and unsustainable laws governing the fishing of our Great Lakes. We continue this battle today with your support.  During Covid, with so many livelihoods at stake, we found this article to be extremely timely and in support of what we do. Isn't NOW more than ever a key time to support our local communities?


Please take a moment to read this article from The Mining Journal, 8Jun, 2020. 


We continue to have the BEST and FRESHEST protein in town and will be here for you as we navigate our 107th year in operation. 

For special orders, please TEXT or call Dennis. 

Direct line to Dennis is: 906-360-9909.   


We are happy to be serving you and we thank you for your continued loyalty and support!


Warm regards, be well,

Dennis VanLandschoot

President of VSI

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